New Patients


We believe that every patient needs special approach and special handling. We continuously system our processes to achieve, predictable, high-performance results. Our goals in drawing up a treatment plan are

  • Ensuring long-term health (teeth, implants and gums) and functionality (chewing, voice)
  • The performance of aesthetics in the smile, which will fully harmonize with the adjacent teeth / implants but also with the face
  • The choice of conservative therapies
  • and respecting the financial capabilities of our patients


  • At the first appointment we take digital radiographs and photos for use in aesthetic analysis and DigitalSmileDesign. At the same appointment a rough simulation of the proposed changes (mock-up) is made.
  • We look at the closure and the temporal structures. Manufacture of castings and functional analysis (dental closure-masking contacts)
  • Prepare the proposed treatment plan (series of therapies) along with the alternative treatment plans and give you the economic analysis per treatment and treatment plan
  • At the second appointment, you can see on your teeth the proposed new smile, as this has resulted from the aesthetic and functional analysis
  • The treatment plan follows the proportional and digital protocols for extraoral scanning, CAD / CAM, Laser sintering,
  • At each session you see a significant improvement


  • We examine the level of your oral health, functionality (closure-dental contacts) and aesthetics
  • We preview and test the proposed new shape of your new smile (live preview) without touching the teeth at all (Aesthetic Analysis and Digital Smile Design)
  • We design personalized treatment plans based strictly on scientific documentation
  • We re-establish the functionality of the oral system (dental closure) and comfort in chewing and speech
  • We achieve aesthetic and functional results that outweigh your expectations
  • We respect the expectations and the limitations that are imposed (time, financial, etc.)


We set the objective constraints when your expectations fall into healing choices that are considered excessive or opposed to the rules of bio-ethics.


  • We do not resort to treatments that are not conservative and that violate the physiology and anatomy of the teeth, gingival tissue and temporomandibular structures
  • We do not bypass the treatment of gingivitis or periodontitis
  • We do not bypass the treatment of dysfunctions of temporomandibular structures
  • We do not encourage a treatment to be initiated before our patients are fully informed of the choices available, as well as the prognosis of their treatment plan and analytical costs
  • We are not encouraged to initiate treatment if our patients have not fully understood the necessity of the proposed treatment plan
  • We do not break the age limits for specific therapies (very young or very old patients)


Our patients are informed verbally and in writing of the proposed treatment sequence (treatment plan), along with the corresponding economic analysis per treatment. Payment can be made electronically or using a debit / credit card and is attributed per session based on the order of treatments as indicated in the treatment plan.

The first appointment lasts 40-60 'and the charge is 50 euros

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