Our Office

Our Philosophy

The philosophy is simple and understandable.

Dental Practice based on Scientific Data.

We apply treatments and protocols which are predictable, with a high degree of success and always in the best interest of the patient. All of our techniques and the materials we use are completely tested and certified by international organisations,and the effectiveness proven by numerous independent scientific studies.

Investigating new technologies and newest techniques in our field and incorporate them in our everyday clinical practice in your own interest.

Embrace fully the digital age.Precisely for this reason that we have an almost fully digital office. X-rays,patient record, notes, everything is digital, and thus facilitate the communication between patient and doctor.

We fully support the right of the patient take as much information as possible about the proposed treatment plan. So we explain in an understandable way the pros and cons of each therapeutic approach, in order to help you understand what is best for your situation.


  • We are committed to the provision of dental services of high quality. Services, which improve remarkably the aesthetics of the smile and offer to upgrade the quality of life of our patients.
  • We consider the achievement of a functional and impressive effect as the assignment that we must complete with success.
  • We plan for our patients the sequence of treatments. We can provide results that directly improve the health and aesthetics of teeth and gums.
  • Our treatments rely on scientific evidence and is minimally invasive.
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