Computationally guided implantology

Computer-guided implantation is a giant step in the placement of dental implants. Using computerized tomography, intraoral and three-dimensional photographs can simulate implant placements three-dimensionally with maximum accuracy. This minimizes margin of error and places the most appropriate placement conditions. a modern method that allows the clinician to know ex ante details about the internal jaws the body tissue and vital anatomical units such as neural vascular organs and the like


In addition, it enables the dentist to design a temporary or permanent restoration before the day of placement, greatly simplifies the surgical procedure and facilitates postoperative surgery for the patient.

There are Four Steps

  • DIAGNOSTIC CERAMIC with radiopaque material for CT scanning.
  • Taking computed tomography of a taper bundle so as to identify elements such as loud and dense anatomical units such as neural and vascular
  • DIGITAL DESIGN of implant placement with analog program
  • SURGICAL PRINTING to the doctor
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