Digital Impression

Today "classical" conventional dentistry is rapidly transforming into its most dynamic, pioneering and growing industry, digital - robotic dentistry, improving the quality of life and the smile of man as he imagines.


Digital intraocular imaging & the 3D virtual patient is the solution

The scanner converts the shape of the dental and periodontal tissues into a three-dimensional model. The scanning information is then processed by a computer and the operator gives specific commands to construct the restoration from the cutting machines. Analog blanks with air bubbles, blanks, cuts, moisture and other elements of contamination and deformation can be Now the scanners can make digital shots and contours of dental and periodontal structures in a minimal time and with impressive ease. They are applied in all areas of dentistry such as implantation or prosthetic even Orthodontics.

These digitized fingerprints are processed in digital form by special programs, and digitizing the restorations that are then sent electronically to the authorized cutting boards or even three-dimensional printing depending on the type of work to be completed.

Finally digital imaging is in close cooperation with the digital radiography and smile design systems, giving the dentist the possibility of eliminating the error and the opportunity to acquire a perfect smile full of self-esteem.

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