Digital Smiley Design

Total smile reshaping is a painless treatment that aims at the impressive transformation of teeth and gums. The improvements that are made give an absolutely natural result, with a great impact on our self-confidence. The treatment is fully personalized and little or no invasive, as the most conservative solutions are selected.


This dissection is based on the analysis of high-resolution photographs of the patient's facial scars and the lip of the patient so that they combine in harmony to create a perfect smile. This technique enables the dentist to cooperate with the patient expressing the demands of his desires his expectations and so along with his dentist design a natural beautiful smile that inspires self-esteem

Criteria for the success of an impressive smile

The color of the teeth should be bright but not "fake." The length-tooth width ratios should be harmonious. We do not want square teeth or even oblique. The anterior teeth of the upper jaw should be seen when the lower jaw comes effortlessly into a resting position. At younger ages the upper teeth should look quite a bit (2-4 mm) while at older ages 1 mm is enough. The upper central segments should be in the middle of the face while the lateral sectors should be slightly smaller than the central segments. The teeth of the teeth should be rounded and all the teeth should have translucency, which also have our natural teeth. The lower teeth should appear as little as possible. The location of the gums of the anterior teeth of the upper jaw should be high up to the upper lip to make as few gums as possible.

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