Growth factors from your own blood "ENDORET"

It is the most modern technique of self-made PLUMMING PLASMA PLASMA. It supports the activation of the same patient's blood platelets to stimulate and accelerate tissue regeneration and regeneration.




  • High antibacterial action
  • Scientifically documented by long-term bibliography and research
  • It does not include white blood cells, thus excluding pro-inflammatory reactions
  • 100% self-contained and biocompatible


  • The implant is used with spectacular results in both groin and groin growth augmentation techniques as well as implant placement where it promotes cell migration and colonization on the surface of the implant, making sure its final osteonecrosis and success
  • In Periodontology, conventional therapies such as radical abrasions, scavengers and Laser are able to stop the development of the disease and restore the health of periodontal tissues, but not to initiate their regeneration. With the use of growth factors we can begin to migrate and differentiate of the cells, thus starting the regeneration of the periodontal complex
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