Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry creates smiles that exude health, harmony, symmetry. The restoration of tooth morphology is subject to rules and proportions maintained between the individual elements of the person. Aesthetics connects health with naturalness, symmetry with peculiarity, youthfulness with glamor.

From classical times to our days, certain rules and proportions determine Aesthetics.

The golden ratio is the ideal ratio between the individual elements, which make up a beautiful image, a nice face, a charming smile. The golden ratio - 1 / 1,618 or 0.618 / 1.- finds application from art to classical times, even today in industrial design, architecture, but also in rendering a harmonious dental synthesis through special software, calculating distances and the proportions to the entire person.

Aesthetic requirements have increased in recent years, and it is up to dentists to analyze the expectations of their patients, but also to synthesize them into a final result, which will be harmoniously incorporated with the rest of the person. Digital Smile Design is an innovation of aesthetic dentistry that gives us the opportunity to design a new, impressive, and absolutely natural smile


Aesthetic Smile & Face Analysis

 Aesthetic Analysis is the method of analyzing facial morphology with a special emphasis on smile.

Aesthetic Analysis is highlighted on

  • asymmetries in the smile, the position and the dimensions of the teeth
  • the incomplete or excessive exposure of the perioral areas (lips, reduced or elevated height of the lower third of the face, anterior position of the jaws, etc.)
  • and the skeletal structure of the jaws through X-rays

Aesthetic analysis is an essential step in every aesthetic intervention that takes place in our clinic. The use of aesthetic analysis's information aims at rendering harmony without violating functional and biological parameters.

Aesthetic Redesign - What is Digital Smile Design -DSD

Digital Smile Design (by Yoshinaga & Coachman) is the latest innovation in Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry. It is a method of digital face analysis and digital simulation of the new smile

The ideal dimensions and proportions of the teeth, shape and position are designed based on the distances and proportions of the entire face

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is used in aesthetic smile reshaping. With DSD '' grow up '' or '' shorten '' the teeth on the computer to match the face. The process is totally personalized and finally achieves a harmonious result in every case

Digital Smile Design and Aesthetic Dentistry

  • With Digital Smile Design, the patient sees the suggested result in photos from his face (pre-post). Then the new smile is tested "up" on natural teeth by using a mock-up snap-on,
  • Digital Smile Design protects against functional and aesthetic deviations. The final "ideal" shape of the new dental composition is approached with an accuracy of 95-98%
  • From DSD, the entire treatment plan appears accurately, so the sequence of steps becomes completely directed. We can then figure out which teeth and how we should intervene
  • Aesthetic harmony of teeth and implants is ensured
  • With the help of DSD, conditions are created to ensure that the treatments are minimal or even non-invasive (drill through the mockup)
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