- Treatment of Dental Pain

When done properly, root-canal therapy or denervation is considered to be one of the most complex dental procedures. It is the ultimate therapeutic solution to acute dental pain and since any other more conservative treatment has been ruled out (deep sealing, reconstitution, placement of desensitizing neutral layers, etc.) but also if the export of the responsible tooth is considered excessive

The correct methodology for successful endodontic treatment requires:

the exclusion of other medical conditions that may cause or reflect pain in a tooth or a group of teeth (eg trigeminal neuralgia, vascular pain, temporomandibular structure pain, traumatic stress convergence, bruising, etc.)

  • locating the responsible tooth. This is achieved by correctly taking digital X-rays, diagnostic stunning,
  • the knowledge of the anatomy of the inside of the tooth.
  • the use of high technology devices (surgical loupes, rotating tools, thermoplastic gutta-percha).

In our clinic, simple but more complicated endodontic treatments are performed, such as the repetition of failed endodontic therapies, or the removal of endodontic shafts,

Unlike previous years' practices, teeth that repeatedly cause abscesses and which would once have been condemned, today with the new techniques they can be fully cured and remain in the dental barrier with absolute predictability.

And all these with very high success rates and of course in one or at most two appointments.

Our main concern is the direct treatment of dental pain.

All endodontic treatments are performed with adequate local anesthesia.

Finally, the 2 and 3-month reunions and the unnecessary preparations.

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